Nostalgia Vintage Auto Museum: A Tribute to Collector Cars and a Family Legacy

The Story Behind the Museum

The Nostalgia Vintage Auto Museum is a labor of love, created by Indonesian artisans to recreate vintage cars and make owning one possible for classic car enthusiasts. The museum is owned by Kent Perkins and Ruth Buzzi, who made the great escape from Hollywood several years ago and now live quietly in Erath County, Texas.

Ruth Buzzi's Passion for Collector Cars

Ruth Buzzi, a regular on the 60s Rowan Martin's Laugh-In comedy-variety show, has a keen eye for collector cars and has assembled an impressive personal stable. Recognizing the passion other collectors share for these rare and beautiful machines, Buzzi and her husband, Kent Perkins, created the Nostalgia Vintage Auto Museum as a tribute to their family matriarch, Mary DeRose.

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