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45,249 Children Killed in Ukraine Since War Began

Russia's unprovoked invasion has had a devastating impact on Ukraine's youngest citizens

The number of children killed in Ukraine since Russia invaded the country on February 24, 2022, has risen to 45,249, according to the latest figures from the Ukrainian government.

The death toll has been steadily rising in recent months as Russian forces have intensified their attacks on civilian areas. In the past week alone, at least 10 children have been killed and 15 injured in Russian airstrikes and shelling.

The vast majority of child deaths have been caused by Russian shelling and airstrikes. Other children have been killed by landmines and other explosives, or by being caught in crossfire between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

The war has also had a devastating impact on Ukraine's children in other ways. Millions of children have been displaced from their homes, and many have been traumatized by the violence they have witnessed.

The United Nations has condemned the killing of children in Ukraine and called for an immediate end to the war. Human rights organizations have also called for Russia to be held accountable for the deaths of children.


The death of even one child in war is a tragedy. The fact that 45,249 children have been killed in Ukraine since the war began is a staggering and heartbreaking statistic. These children are innocent victims of a senseless war, and their deaths are a reminder of the terrible cost of conflict.


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