Antique Vehicle Registration in New Hampshire

Requirements and Procedures

Obtaining an antique vehicle registration in New Hampshire is a mandatory step for car owners who wish to legally operate their classic or antique vehicles on public roads. According to RSA 261:3, the following minimum information must be included on a certificate of title: name and address of owner, vehicle make, body type, model year, and VIN.

To apply for an antique vehicle registration, owners must provide the following documents:

Required Documents

  • A properly executed application for title
  • Proof of ownership for antique cars or trucks
  • Affidavit of Antique Motor Vehicle

New Hampshire does not automatically issue antique vehicle titles. Owners must specifically request an antique title upon applying for registration. Failure to obtain an antique title may result in the vehicle being registered as a regular passenger vehicle, which carries different requirements and restrictions.

Benefits of Antique Vehicle Registration

Antique vehicle registration offers several benefits to owners, including:

  • Reduced registration fees
  • Exemption from certain safety and emissions inspections
  • Increased flexibility in vehicle modifications

By obtaining an antique vehicle registration, owners can enjoy the benefits of owning and operating their classic vehicles while also adhering to the legal requirements of New Hampshire.

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