Dave Lackie's Top Fall Beauty Picks for Timeless Beauty

A Cityline Exclusive with the Beauty Industry Icon

Unveiling the Anti-Aging Secrets of the Pros

For those in the realm of beauty, Dave Lackie is a household name, a true icon whose expertise has graced countless Cityline episodes. In his latest appearance, he unveils his top beauty picks for fall, sharing his insights on the products that will keep your skin youthful and radiant during the changing seasons.

Staying Ahead with Dave's Picks

Dave's recommendations are a blend of skincare essentials and cutting-edge innovations, ensuring that your beauty regimen remains on the cutting edge. From ultra-hydrating serums to innovative anti-aging treatments, he has curated a collection that addresses all your fall beauty needs.

Unlock the Secrets to Timeless Beauty

As the temperature drops and the winds become more brisk, your skin requires extra care and attention. Dave's top picks will help you combat dryness, protect against environmental damage, and unveil a complexion that radiates with youthful vitality. Tune in to Cityline to discover the exact products Dave swears by and learn the secrets to maintaining a timeless glow all season long.

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