Life is Beautiful: A Crossword Clue with Multiple Solutions

Unveiling the Crossword Mystery

The popular crossword clue “Life is Beautiful” has sparked curiosity among puzzle enthusiasts, with multiple answers fitting the 5-letter requirement. Websites like the Crossword Solver have compiled an extensive list of possibilities to aid solvers in their quest.

Exploring the Crossword Landscape

Crossword enthusiasts often encounter the clue “Life is Beautiful,” which has been featured in various puzzle publications such as the New York Times. To solve this clue, solvers must consider potential answers that align with both the length and semantic meaning of the clue.

Discovering the Solutions

One possible solution is “BELLA,” which is the Italian word for “beautiful.” Other options include “VIDA,” the Spanish word for “life,” and “BONA,” the Latin word for “good.” Additionally, “NICE” and “FINE” are English words that convey the concept of beauty.

Additional Clues and Possibilities

Crossword puzzles often provide additional clues to help solvers narrow down the possibilities. For instance, a clue might indicate that the answer is a person's name, a place, or a thing. By considering these additional clues, solvers can further refine their search.


The crossword clue “Life is Beautiful” presents a variety of possible solutions, each offering a distinct interpretation of the clue's meaning. By utilizing crossword-solving tools and considering additional clues, solvers can successfully complete the puzzle and expand their crossword vocabulary.

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