Rosabella Beauty: A Stylish Adventure

Embark on a Fashion Extravaganza with Rosabella Beauty

Step into the enchanting world of Rosabella Beauty, where fashion reigns supreme. Join this beloved Ever After High character as she embarks on an exciting Year Round Fashion Challenge. From the depths of winter to the vibrant hues of spring, Rosabella will showcase her impeccable style and inspire fashionistas of all ages.

A Legacy of Enchantment

As the daughter of the Beast from the classic tale “Beauty and the Beast,” Rosabella Beauty carries a rich legacy of both elegance and adventure. With her unwavering spirit and passion for self-expression, she has become a style icon within the Ever After High community.

A Tapestry of Fashion

Throughout the Year Round Fashion Challenge, Rosabella Beauty will don an exquisite ensemble for each season. From flowing gowns adorned with intricate embroidery to playful skirts and chic accessories, her wardrobe embodies a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. As she navigates the challenges of fashion and friendship, readers will be captivated by Rosabella's unwavering determination and infectious enthusiasm for life.


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