Disneys Beauty and the Beast at Main Street Theater

The Enchanted World of Disneys Beauty and the Beast

Step into the enchanted world of Disneys Beauty and the Beast, based on the Academy Award-winning animated film. The smash hit Broadway musical is now playing at Main Street Theater in Houston.

A Tale as Old as Time

The timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast follows the journey of Belle, a strong-willed and intelligent young woman who finds herself imprisoned in the castle of a mysterious beast. Despite his fearsome appearance, Belle discovers that the beast has a kind and gentle heart.

Disneys Beauty and the Beast features beloved characters such as Gaston, the arrogant hunter; Lumiere, the charming candelabra; and Cogsworth, the uptight clock.

With its enchanting music, stunning visuals, and unforgettable characters, Disneys Beauty and the Beast is a must-see for audiences of all ages. Dont miss your chance to experience this magical production at Main Street Theater.

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