WEB You're Beautiful Episode 3

Mi Nam has been chosen to be a member of a boy band but he can't work as a singer due to an accident.

Tae Kyung threatens Mi Nyeo to Leave The Team…

In the third episode of the popular web drama “You're Beautiful,” Mi Nam is chosen to be a member of the boy band A.N.JELL. However, he is unable to work as a singer due to an accident that has damaged his vocal cords.

Tae Kyung, the leader of A.N.JELL, is furious that Mi Nam has been chosen over him. He threatens Mi Nyeo, the manager of the band, to leave the team if Mi Nam is not removed.

Mi Nyeo is torn between her loyalty to Tae Kyung and her desire to help Mi Nam. She eventually decides to stand up to Tae Kyung and tells him that she will not leave the team.

Tae Kyung is furious and vows to make Mi Nam's life a living hell. Mi Nam, however, is determined to prove himself and become a successful singer.


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