How to Craft a Ring Pop in Little Alchemy (2023)

Learn the Step-by-Step Process

Craving a sweet treat? Create a Ring Pop with just a few simple steps in the captivating game Little Alchemy. Embark on an alchemical journey and conquer the puzzle. This article will guide you through the magical process of conjuring up your very own Ring Pop.

Crafting Guide

  1. Start with the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.
  2. Combine Fire and Water to create Steam.
  3. Fuse Steam and Earth to form Stone.
  4. Combine Air and Earth to make Glass.
  5. Mix Glass and Stone to produce Jewel.
  6. Finally, unite Jewel and Sugar to create your delectable Ring Pop!


Harnessing the powers of alchemy, you have successfully conjured a Ring Pop in Little Alchemy. May this sweet treat symbolize your newfound abilities as an alchemical master. Continue your enchanting journey and explore the boundless possibilities that this magical game holds.

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